Huvepharma to acquire Viridus Animal Health

Huvepharma to acquire Viridus Animal Health

HUVEPHARMA Inc. announced March 20 an agreement to acquire Viridus Animal Health LLC, a subsidiary of Novus International Inc., which manufactures and sells ADVENT coccidiosis vaccine.

Huvepharma expects the transaction to close in early April.

ADVENT is a coccidiosis vaccine Novus introduced to the U.S. poultry market in 2003. The vaccine's performance for controlling coccidiosis in broiler chickens can be attributed to its differentiated and patented VIACYST assay, which quantifies the number of live, sporulated coccidial oocysts in ADVENT. Only viable, sporulated oocysts are capable of imparting immunity and generating resistance to a coccidiosis challenge, the announcement said.

The vaccine can be used in all broiler production systems while delivering control of this economically damaging disease.

"We are extremely excited about Viridus Animal Health and ADVENT joining the Huvepharma family as the addition complements our solutions approach strategy and builds on our leadership position in coccidiosis control," Huvepharma president Glen Wilkinson said.

"Novus successfully developed and launched a uniquely innovative product with ADVENT, and it's our desire to expand on their success and innovation," Wilkinson added. "Also, with Huvepharma's international presence, we feel there is a great opportunity to introduce ADVENT to applicable new markets worldwide. Huvepharma and Novus are committed to providing a seamless transition for all customers over the next several weeks."

Huvepharma is a privately owned global animal health and nutrition company with a broad portfolio of products used in swine, poultry and cattle production. Huvepharma has manufacturing facilities as well as sales and marketing organizations around the globe that establish relationships with intensive livestock producers.

Volume:86 Issue:13

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