Hubbard introduces new vitamin/trace mineral supplement

Hubbard Feeds Inc. announced the upcoming launch of a new vitamin/trace mineral nutrition supplement for seedstock cattle.

Hubbard Feeds Inc. announced the upcoming launch of its new vitamin and trace mineral nutrition supplement for seedstock cattle, termed "Platinum" fortification.

The Hubbard Beef Platinum package is designed to optimize production in breeding stock, providing the essential nutrition levels needed to meet the demands for rapid growth and an enhanced immune function.

"Growing seedstock bulls and heifers need to achieve reproductive maturity at a young age, as well as develop an active immune system and strong hooves to withstand the stress of handling and turnout for service," said Dan Herold, manager of Beef Nutrition & Tech Services at Hubbard Feeds. "The new Hubbard Beef Platinum package involves our highest levels of organic copper, manganese, cobalt and zinc, along with select vitamins and trace minerals known to promote fertility and hoof strength. We expect this new fortification package to be well received by the seedstock industry."

Platinum fortification will be available in several of the most popular branded Hubbard beef supplements, including:

* 45591 GainRite Platinum Grower Availa 4 R900;

* 45601 STOCKMASTER Platinum 8 Availa 4, and

* 45424 Brood Cow Platinum Availa 4 R800.

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