GeneSeek now offers rapid PEDV test

Neogen Corp. announced Jan. 20 the immediate availability through its GeneSeek subsidiary of a new test to rapidly and accurately detect PEDV.

Neogen Corp. announced Jan. 20 the immediate availability of a new test to rapidly and accurately detect porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV). Early detection of the virus is critical to stop its spread from farm to farm, and between facilities within a pig farm or pig production site, Neogen said.

Neogen's new PEDV test is offered through the veterinary diagnostics laboratory of its GeneSeek subsidiary, which is based in Lincoln, Neb. Each test is $25, and depending on testing volumes, GeneSeek anticipates most test results should be available on the next business day after sample receipt. Sample types accepted for testing include environmental sample pads or swabs, fecal swabs and oral fluids.

"Livestock biosecurity experts we have worked with believe the most efficient testing protocol for PEDV is to perform environmental testing in farm facilities and on vehicles that move between farms, and within the different operations of a single farm," Dr. Stewart Bauck with GeneSeek said. "One very easy environmental sample collection method is the use of moist, unscented disposable mop pads, such as those sold under the Swiffer brand. All we need is that sample mop pad in a sealed plastic bag, and we can quickly determine if the sample contains PEDV."

The new test utilizes real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methodology, and is one of many rapid animal health tests available through GeneSeek.

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