GeneSeek doubles lab space

GENESEEK announced that it dedicated new facilities June 26 in Lincoln, Neb., that feature more than 30,000 sq. ft. of laboratory and office space customized specifically for the core business of providing cost-effective genomic services, compared to its previous 13,000 sq. ft.

GeneSeek's technology employs high-resolution DNA genotyping for identity and trait analysis in beef and dairy cattle as well as a variety of plants and animals.

"This expansion will allow us to continue growing and help us improve customer service. This is particularly important in the fall and winter, when we get a large influx of cattle samples," GeneSeek general manager Stewart Bauck said. "We understand that producers are using test results to make decisions about which bulls they will market and which heifers they are retaining for their cow herds. These are timely decisions, and we are always aiming to improve efficiency in getting test results to our customers. "

GeneSeek, founded in 1998 by Drs. Abe Oommen and Daniel Pomp, was originally located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Technology Park. In 2010, GeneSeek was acquired by Neogen Corp., and business has increased significantly has since then, with more than 90 employees.

In 2012, Neogen and GeneSeek acquired the assets of Igenity from Merial, giving the combined company broader exposure to the cattle market and the role of working with many end users.

In 2013, Neogen purchased Scidera Genomics, which had also operated as Metamorphix, bringing to GeneSeek a number of important new clients and test specializations. Neogen also recently acquired access to Cargill's BeefGen patents, which covers genomic decision-making methods and technology to assist in breeding, feeding and managing cattle.

Volume:86 Issue:26

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