GEAPS/KSU grain courses open for registration

GEAPS/KSU grain courses open for registration

THE Grain Elevator & Processing Society (GEAPS) and Kansas State University (KSU) are offering three courses this February for grain and processing industry professionals.

The courses, now open for registration, are: GEAPS 521 — Aeration System Design & Fan Operational Management; GEAPS 530 — Quality Management Systems for Bulk Materials Handling Operations, and GEAPS 542 — Electrical Safety for Grain Facilities.

Designed for professionals working in grain quality preservation and aeration equipment operation, GEAPS 521 provides tools for successfully maintaining grain quality during storage. By the end of the course, students should understand the overall purpose of grain aeration and aeration system components. Participants will also complete a case study on selecting and operating aeration control equipment. GEAPS 521 is one of four courses in the Specialist Credential in Grain Quality Management.

GEAPS 530 provides strategies for the creation, implementation, management and evaluation of quality management systems. Upon completion, students will be able to do a basic quality analysis of their operation and identify points where physical quality or economics are affected. They also will have the skills to create their own food safety plan and develop a quality management system. It is intended for regional and location managers and supervisors, as well as executives with company-wide responsibilities. Completion of the GEAPS 530 course counts towards the Credential in Grain Operations Management.

GEAPS 542 is designed to familiarize students with the relationship between electrical safety and fire hazards and explosions in grain facilities. Other topics include safety standards for lighting, motors and equipment and safety in the different areas of a grain elevator. The course will provide information about performing an audit, choosing electrical contractors, understanding repairs and how inspectors work and aims to familiarize students with "intrinsically safe" systems.

Designed for industry professionals and current students in related fields who are interested in the basics of safety in grain elevator and processing facilities, GEAPS 542 is one of the courses in the Specialist Credential in Property & Casualty Risk Management.

Courses run from Feb. 10 to March 14. Registration closes Feb. 4. More information about the courses or the GEAPS/KSU Distance Education Program is available at

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