Fresno State dedicates poultry facility

Fresno State dedicates poultry facility

FRESNO State University has dedicated its new Foster Farms Poultry Education & Research Facility at the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology.

The facility features a fully working, state-of-the-art poultry barn and is a reflection of the long-standing support of agricultural education and ongoing advancements in poultry science by West Coast poultry producer Foster Farms.

The 16,320 sq. ft., eco-friendly, power-efficient building will include advanced climate control and feed delivery systems that replicate professional poultry production.

The facility has been designed to provide hands-on agricultural training and education for more than 500 students in the animal sciences and agricultural education department. Faculty and students also will conduct research in the areas of poultry nutrition, animal welfare and environmental practices.

The new educational and research facility will meet the animal welfare standards of the American Humane Assn.'s American Humane Certified program, the nation's first, largest and fastest-growing farm animal welfare certification and auditing  program.

The program is based on the implementation and independent, third-party verification of more than 200 science-based animal welfare standards that cover everything from food and water to living conditions, lighting, ventilation, minimum space requirements and the animals' ability to express natural behaviors.

The dedication was made in conjunction with a joint announcement on animal welfare by American Humane and Foster Farms, which revealed that all of its fresh chicken products are now certified under the American Humane Certified program.

Volume:85 Issue:11

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