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Four U.S. grain companies merging

Milling companies join to expand product offerings to marketplace.

Milling executives Bryan Ledgerwood, John Mason, John Cure and Peter Bisaccia are merging their respective companies — Panhandle Milling, New Mexico Milling, Specialty Grains and Specialty Blends — into one operating unit under the name Panhandle Milling.

“We aligned these companies to broaden and expand our product offerings to the marketplace as a single company,” Mason said.

Ledgerwood added that consolidating the businesses makes geographic sense in order to leverage all of the companies’ strengths and remain innovative in the industry.

“We feel strongly that merging the companies and becoming partners will better position Panhandle Milling for continued growth,” Mason and Ledgerwood explained.

Bisaccia will lead the newly formed organization as president and partner. Bisaccia has served in the grain, blend mixing and flour milling industry for nearly 30 years, working for companies like Ardent Mills and ConAgra Mills in Omaha, Neb.

“Panhandle Milling has an extremely strong leadership team, as well as an experienced and talented sales group. We are well positioned to continually drive innovation and growth in the marketplace. Our team has decades of experience in every sector of the grain, milling and blending businesses,” Bisaccia said.

Scott Freebern, vice president of engineering/milling and a partner, said a significant investment is being made in the four companies. The investments focused on the assets that were nimble and flexible, allowing for unique and customizable products to meet market demands, he added.

Panhandle Milling is a flour mill that specializes in creating flours for use in tortilla, bakery and food production facilities. It produces both organic and conventional flour products.

Specialty Blends is a highly automated mixing/blend plant that can produce products from pancake mix to Chicago-style pizza crust mix, with state-of-the-art blenders that can incorporate high concentrations of oils and shortenings into any mix recipe.

Specialty Grains leverages state-of-the-art cleaning and sorting technologies to blend and pack traditional grains, organic grains, non-genetically modified grains and organic ancient grains. Packaging flexibility includes everything from 7 oz. standup pouches to 100 lb. bags, totes and bulk capability.

The New Mexico Milling facility produces flour for tortillas, bread, Indian bread and pancake mix. The facility will help support expanded markets for Panhandle Milling.

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