Feed pelleting course offered

Feed pelleting course offered

THE American Feed Industry Assn. (AFIA) and the International Grains Program (IGP) of the Kansas State University department of grain science and industry have partnered to offer the Advanced Pelleting course.

The three-day educational course will be held Oct. 7-9 at the IGP conference center in Manhattan, Kan., and at the university's new O.H. Kruse Feed Mill.

This course will cover all aspects of the pelleting process and will focus on the important concepts needed to ensure an optimal and efficient pelleting system in a feed manufacturing business.

Among the topics that will be covered are: the importance of ingredients in the pelleting process, what affects pelleting operations, steam conditioning, pellet cooling and crumbling, maintenance and evaluating pelleting production costs.

Practical sessions will take place at the O.H. Kruse Feed Mill. Also, all key aspects in the pelleting system will be demonstrated, including running a steam conditioning system, pellet cooling and crumbling and conducting a pellet quality assessment.

The registration fee is $900 for AFIA members and $1,000 for non-AFIA members. Registration information can be found at www.afia.org.

Volume:85 Issue:34

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