Fatalities, injuries reported at International Nutrition plant

Fatalities, injuries reported at International Nutrition plant

AT least two people were killed, 10 were hospitalized and seven were injured on Jan. 20 when the International Nutrition facility in Omaha, Neb., collapsed.

The second and third floors of the plant collapsed onto the first floor, making rescue efforts difficult. By evening, however, all 38 employees had been accounted for.

The instability of the building after the collapse, cold temperatures and high winds caused recovery efforts to be suspended until the following morning, when authorities were expected to resume their search for a second body. The first, identified as 53-year-old Keith Everett of Omaha, had been recovered the same day the blast occurred.

Authorities are unsure of what caused the incident, but interim Omaha fire chief Bernie Kanger said there were no hazardous chemicals at the plant. Additionally, there were no residences near the plant, and the other industrial buildings nearby didn't need to be evacuated.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration will investigate the cause of the collapse, but workers described hearing a blast before they ran for safety.

International Nutrition has been in operation for more than 40 years and produces medicated, nutritional and specialty premixes for animal feed using an inventory of more than 350 critical ingredients.

Volume:86 Issue:04

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