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Elanco introduces Inteprity (avilamycin) for poultry

Elanco launches alternative to shared-class antibiotics in poultry industry for prevention of mortality caused by necrotic enteritis.

Elanco Animal Health introduced Inteprity (avilamycin), a first-in-class, animal-use only, in-feed antibiotic developed for the prevention of mortality caused by necrotic enteritis associated with Clostridium perfringens in broiler chickens.

Under supervision of a veterinarian, the product supports bird health and well-being and demonstrates a responsible approach to antibiotic use, Elanco said.

Necrotic enteritis is a serious and constant threat to the health and welfare of poultry flocks. Due to the reduction of antibiotic use in poultry, the incidence of necrotic enteritis is on the rise, with daily mortality rates as high as 1%.

“Inteprity helps promote healthy birds, and it also fits within antibiotic policies looking to reduce shared-class antibiotic use,” said Dr. Sara Steinlage, poultry technical adviser at Elanco. “Inteprity is the first animal-use only antibiotic for the prevention of mortality caused by necrotic enteritis associated with Clostridium perfringens in poultry. Delivery of this important innovation also aligns with Elanco’s Eight-Point Antibiotic Stewardship Plan.”

In studies, Inteprity (avilamycin) reduced mortality due to necrotic enteritis between 76% and 93% versus the control group, Elanco said.

“Elanco is dedicated to working with veterinarians and producers toward judicious antibiotic use, and our new animal-use only antibiotic solution is a step in the right direction,” Steinlage said. “Administered using a Veterinary Feed Directive, Inteprity offers mortality prevention while also promoting judicious antibiotic use with veterinarian oversight.”

Visit Elanco.us/Inteprity for more information.

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