Early hearing on soda ban requested

Early hearing on soda ban requested

A COALITION of beverage, restaurant and theater interests in New York City that filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the city's ban on large sizes of sugary drinks has asked for an expedited hearing, noting that venues will need at least three months to prepare to become compliant with the ban and that the ban, if upheld by the court, is scheduled to become effective on March 13.

City attorneys have said they do not object to the request.

The ban prohibits delis, restaurants, street carts, movie theaters and sports stadiums in the city from selling any beverage that contains more than 25 calories per 8 oz. in servings larger than 16 oz. It does not apply to convenience and grocery stores, and it does not prohibit a customer from ordering two 16 oz. servings of a desired drink.

The ban was proposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and was adopted by the New York Board of Health (Feedstuffs, Oct. 1).

The lawsuit claims that the proposal required legislative approval by the city council rather than regulatory approval by the board of health.

Volume:84 Issue:52

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