Diamond V opens new layer research unit

Diamond V recently opened a new layer research unit in Thailand to conduct research with poultry in a tropical environment.

Diamond V recently celebrated the ribbon cutting and opening ceremony for the new Diamond V Layer Research Unit in the Animal Science Learning Center of the Department of Animal Science on the Kamphaeng Saen Campus of Kasetsart University in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.

"This new Diamond V Layer Research Unit increases our ability to conduct research in a tropical environment with poultry indigenous to Southeast Asia for the benefit of area poultry producers. The unit’s sponsorship also expands our ability to conduct broiler and swine research in other units in the Animal Science Learning Center for the betterment of Asian producers," said Dr. Mark Kujawa, vice president of international business Development at Diamond V.

The Diamond V Layer Research Unit is located approximately 90 km west of Bangkok, Thailand. It sits next to new units for layer, broiler, swine and cattle research; a biogas unit; feed mill; laboratory and office in the expansive Animal Science Learning Center, the announcement said.

The center provides training for undergraduate and graduate students in livestock production under tropical conditions.

Diamond V is a leading supplier of microbial fermentation products used to optimize digestive function and nutrition key to animal and aqua health, productivity, efficiency and profitability.

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