Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation supports children's hospital

Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation supports children's hospital

Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation lends its support to medical care center for children.

Designed just for kids, the new Blank Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, supported by the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, provides comprehensive and coordinated medical care for children by a multi-disciplinary team of pediatric specialists. It is the only center in central Iowa treating kids with cancer and blood disorders. The new family-friendly clinic provides the best possible treatments and health care for children and their families. 

Iowa Select Farms Communications Director Jen Sorenson, far left, prepares to snip the ribbon at the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Blank Children’s Hospital Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.

“As farmers and pork producers, we are committed to giving back to our communities and contributing to nonprofit organizations striving to improve the quality of life for local residents,” said Jeff Hansen, CEO of Iowa Select Farms and co-founder of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, which donated $250,000 to the Blank Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center in Des Moines.

The Hansens, who founded Iowa Select Farms and New Modern Concepts in Iowa Falls, Iowa, established the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation in 2006. The foundation works with philanthropic organizations to relieve hunger, support military families and strengthen efforts to find a cure for childhood cancer while improving the quality of life for cancer patients.

The largest pork producer in Iowa and the sixth largest in the United States, Iowa Select Farms has been producing high-quality pork for 20 years and is committed to meeting or exceeding all requirements in efforts to protect the environment and ensure proper care and well-being of swine. With nearly 550 swine farms across the state, Iowa Select Farms employs more than 1,000 people, contracts with more than 345 farm families and supports hundreds of local businesses throughout the state.


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