DCHA renews focus on 'core vision'

DCHA renews focus on 'core vision'

THE Dairy Calf & Heifer Assn. (DCHA) announced a renewed focus and vision for its organization with a commitment to changing a number of things that challenged the prosperity and sustainability of the association, including eliminating programs and/or services that don't deliver value and laying the groundwork for new programs and services that will better meet the collective needs of DCHA members.

"The DCHA board of directors has declared 2013 the year to refocus on the core vision and purpose of our organization," said DCHA president Jack Banker, a calf and heifer raiser.

DCHA seeks to be the industry-leading source of calf and heifer information, providing industry standards for profitability, performance and leadership that will help members improve the vitality and viability of their individual efforts and their businesses.

"Over the upcoming weeks and months, you will begin to see significant changes being made to help drive us back to the core vision of being the leading source of calf and heifer raising knowledge, insights, expertise and camaraderie for the dairy industry," Banker said.

"This evolution is — and will continue to be — based on strong and passionate feedback we've received from DCHA members and the calf and heifer industry segment as a whole," DCHA management director Ed Peck added.

DCHA has a national membership of producers, allied industries and research leaders. It was founded in 1996 with the mission to help dairy producers, calf managers and those professionally focused on the growth and management of dairy calves and heifers.

Volume:85 Issue:42

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