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CRV announces new partnership to benefit dairy industry

Advanced breeding solution based on genomic valuation of calves provides complete-solutions approach to building ideal dairy herd.

CRV, a cattle improvement organization, and Neogen Corp., which operates an animal genetics laboratory, announced that they have entered into a working partnership to offer an advanced breeding solution based on genomic valuation of calves, equipping dairy producers with precision tools and information needed to make informed decisions in building their ideal herd.

CRV, using Neogen as its genomic testing partner, has developed HerdOptimizer, a genetic management program combining genomic testing, customized breeding goals, careful trait selection, easy-to-use test results and breeding recommendations to deliver faster and more reliable herd improvement. It not only captures traditional U.S. dairy genomic traits, but it also delivers results on more than 20 proprietary CRV HerdBuilder Traits, such as breeding values related to hoof health, udder health, premium milk components, fertility and efficiency, according to the announcement.

HerdOptimizer is for any producer looking to easily customize their breeding goals. The program uses the individual cow's genetic makeup to determine the potential of her offspring and then selects the best matings to improve weaknesses within the herd.

The new partnership brings together GeneSeek, the largest agrigenomics laboratory in the world, with CRV, a world-leading cattle improvement organization. Four proven traits — Better Life Health, Better Life Efficiency, Hoof Health and Udder Health — will be offered as an add-on to GeneSeek’s Igenity genomic profiles, and allow U.S. producers to select animals based on their ability to respond to specific ailments and produce efficiently, Neogen said.

“As CRV works to enhance their presence in the U.S. dairy industry, partnering with a leading technology firm like Neogen gives us the power to bring dairy producers the tools they need to evaluate the potential of the next generation of their herd,” said Amy VanderMark, managing director of CRV USA. “Working together gives our organizations the ability to enhance our programs and services, respectively, while delivering the best genetic products to U.S. dairy producers.”

Industry partnership brings innovation

In 2014, Neogen and Merck Animal Health entered a strategic agreement to market the Neogen Igenity genomic testing program. Today's agreement between CRV and Neogen takes these partnerships to the next level and allows all three organizations to promote and sell a full package of innovative solutions for U.S. dairy producers.

“By combining the expertise, products, services and extensive networks of our three organizations, we are now able to bridge the gap between providing genomic profiles of producers' cattle with delivering the tools and genetics to help dairy farmers meet their operational goals,” GeneSeek general manager Dr. Stewart Bauck said. “I am excited to bring the CRV and Merck teams together to meet the needs of our customers by changing the way they manage their herds well into the future.”

Dr. Sophie Eaglen, CRV global business development manager, added, “The ultimate goal of HerdOptimizer is to improve the overall health and efficiency of our producers' operations. As industry-wide concerns around milk prices continue, we all want to help our customers receive the best return on their investments and keep calves that will better this return in the future with precision breeding.”

Additional information is at HerdOptimizer.us.

CRV is a customer focused, cattle improvement organization — fully committed to adding value for its farmers. With facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, the U.K., New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, the U.S., Czech Republic and Spain, CRV sells semen in more than 50 countries. CRV USA’s office in Madison, Wis., was established in 2009, and its team delivers solutions that support farmers in building a more profitable and efficient herd.

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