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CROP PROGRESS: Corn harvest a point behind average; soybeans on par

Season's first winter wheat rating is 59% good/excellent.

A fairly dry week allowed advances in the corn and soybean harvests, with the corn harvest at 61% one point behind the five-year average and the soybeans at 76% on par with the average.

In its first winter wheat rating of the season, the U.S. Department of Agriculture put the crop at 59% good to excellent (48% good and 11% excellent), which is an improvement from last year’s 47% for the same week. The Kansas crop came in at 61% good to excellent, compared with 41% a year ago.

Iowa’s corn harvest was at 52% completed, four days behind the five-year average, while the soybean harvest as of Sunday was 77% done, six days behind normal.

“Southeast Iowa is the only area of the state with over two-thirds of the corn crop harvested,” the Iowa report said. “Farmers in southwest and south-central Iowa still have over one-half of their soybean crop to harvest.”

In Illinois, the corn harvest was at 83% versus 91% a year ago and the 75% average. Soybeans there were 76% harvested versus 91% a year ago and the 77% average.

Indiana's corn harvest was 64% completed versus the 56% average, and soybeans were at 71% versus the 68% average.

Winter wheat planting advanced to 79%, compared with 81% a year ago and the 82% average. Wheat emergence was at 60% versus 58% a year ago and the 58% average.

In Kansas, topsoil moisture was rated 5% surplus and 68% adequate, a decline from the previous week’s 9% and 72%.

Nationally, sorghum was 67% harvested versus the 58% average.

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