Chinese pork scandal, over 100 arrested

Newest meat scandal involves 110 suspects from 11 different syndicates selling pork from diseased pigs.

In the latest food scandals in China, officials arrested more than 110 people for allegedly selling pork from diseased pigs.

The Public Security Bureau announced in a statement last week that more than 1,000 tons of contaminated pork and 48 tons of cooking oil produced form the meat was seized in undercover operation that began last year.

According to the Public Security, the suspects – belonging to 11 different groups – purchased pigs that died of disease from farmers.  The pigs were obtained by bribing government livestock insurance agents, who are also to be prosecuted. Once the insurance claims verified the pigs death, the suspects purchased the hogs at bargain prices to process into bacon, ham and oil.

This most recent food scandal follows a string of meat suppliers selling expired beef and chicken to food chains in China and Japan.  The series of scandals has profoundly weakened public trust in Chinese food safety and damaged restaurant sales.

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