China halts some U.S. pork imports over feed additive use

Traces of ractopamine reason for ban of U.S. pork from listed processor


Six U.S. processing plants and six cold storage facilities are now ineligible to export pork to China, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Among the listed plants include Tyson Foods, Inc. in Iowa and Indiana, Hormel Foods Corp in Nebraska, Triumph Foods in Missouri and Quality Pork Processors in Minnesota.

China barred pork imports to enforce its ban on the feed additive ractopamine. Currently, China requires third party verification that US pork shipped to the country is free of the feed additive.

Chinese pork producers rallied behind the decision, reported local media.

China is the leading pork producer and consumer.  The U.S. pork exported a total of 312, 138 tons, valued at $645.3 million last year.

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