Cargill, Branhaven, license patents and genomics tools to BeefTek

Agreement gives BeefTek tools to help improve production and quality

Cargill, Inc. and Branhaven LLC, announced a non-exclusive agreement to license BeefTek, Inc., their patented BeefGen genomics (DNA) tools that are intended to help beef and dairy cattle producers analyze bovine genetics to improve meat and milk production.  Specific terms of the license agreement were not disclosed.

Cargill stated that the “BeefGen” patented diagnostics are based on molecular tools that may be of use in to improving beef cattle carcass quality and production efficiency. 

For beef cattle producers, these genetic tools help identify animals best suited to optimize weight gain, beef marbling, tenderness, red meat yield, rib eye quality and other important characteristics that could increase the value and yield from each animal harvested. 

Furthermore, this technology may also assist in identifying genetically superior animals for breeding purposes, which in turn could produce higher quality calves. 

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