Canada to follow U.S. lead on antibiotics

Canada moving forward on plan to remove growth promotion/production claims from antibiotics used in food animal production.

In an April 11 statement, Health Canada's Veterinary Drugs Directorate (VDD) said it is now moving forward, in collaboration with the Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI), to remove growth promotion/production claims of medically important antimicrobial drugs from food animal production.

VDD and CAHI will also work on developing option to strengthen the veterinary oversight of antimicrobial use in food animals.

Similar measures are being implemented in the U.S. over an anticipated three-year transition, VDD said, noting it will continue to collaborate and align to the extent possible with the U.S. for an efficient transition for all involved parties over the same time period.

VDD said it has been engaging provincial/territorial authorities, the pharmaceutical industry, veterinarians, food animal producers and other stakeholders to promote the judicious use of medically-important antimicrobial drugs in food animal production.

Health Canada will consult impacted parties throughout the implementation of these two key measures in the Canadian context.

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