California poultry processing plant remains closed

Foster Farms continues to halt processing at fresh chicken production plant after FSIS inspection reveals insect activity.

Foster Farms announced Jan. 12, it will voluntarily and temporarily hold operations at the Livingston, Calif. fresh chick production facility after USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) reported a repeat infestation of live cockroaches.

The agency originally announced on Jan 8 it issued a suspension notice to the Livingston plant for insect activity at the hand washing sink across from an inspection station. The notice also stated at the time of inspection, slaughter operations were in progress and exposed product was present on the kill floor.

Additionally, it was also reported cockroach activity three other times at the Livingston plant prior to the January inspection.

The facility was immediately sanitized and treated upon receipt of the notice.

Foster Farms announcement to continue to keep the plant close even after the USDA re-inspection of the facility approved its sanitization and treatment.   

A company statement said, “The company is exercising vigilance and choosing to dedicate additional time to ensuring its preventative plan is fully realized with the most effective technology and treatments available.”

Foster Farms also confirmed that no product, packaging or lines was in affected.

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