Brazilian pork industry asks for temporary ban

In order to protect the country from a PEDV outbreak, Pork industry in Brazil ask for a temporary restriction on imports of U.S. live breeding hogs.

 In a step to protect Brazil from a porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), the Brazilian pork industry asked the Ministry of Agriculture to temporarily suspend imports of live breeding pigs, genetic material and plasma of pigs from the U.S., according to the local media outlets.

"We ordered the temporary suspension (of imports) until all doubts are clarified. A preventive measure to prevent the sector (pig) is involved," said Rui Vargas, vice president for the pork segment of the Brazilian Association Animal Protein (ABPA).

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Embrapa met with members of the supply chain to discuss the issue.  A committee will be formed under the leadership of ministry and Embrapa, to suggest biosecurity and develop a contingency plan in case the disease arrived in Brazil.

ABPA raised the concern after the virus emerged in Dominican Republic, Colombia and Peru, according to professor of veterinary, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Roberto Guedes. Na prática, isso significa, explica ele, que a transmissão da doença não segue uma lógica territorial. He explained that the transmission of the disease does not follow a territorial logic and it is difficult to understand how the virus is introduced to a country which makes it difficult to fight.

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