BIVI to invest in Iowa facilities

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. announces major capital investment in its facilities in Ft. Dodge and Ames, Iowa.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. (BIVI) announced Dec. 24 more than $110 million of capital investments in its facilities in Ft. Dodge and Ames, Iowa, over the next four years.

BIVI is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing an extensive line of quality biological and pharmaceutical products for its core segments: cattle, swine, horses and pets. BIVI acts as a center of competence in biological research, development and manufacturing for worldwide animal health business.

"BIVI has been a great Iowa partner," Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad said. "During a recent investment mission in Europe, we had the opportunity to talk with BIVI about expanding its presence in Iowa, and today, that comes to fruition. These investments in Ames and Ft. Dodge will position BIVI for future growth in our state."

Economic development financial assistance packages from the Iowa Economic Development Authority as well as local entities helped secure both expansions. The financial assistance packages include tax credits from the High Quality Jobs program for a combined qualifying investment of nearly $98 million.

"These investments in our Ft. Dodge and Ames locations support and fuel the research, development and manufacturing of solutions that prevent and treat global animal health challenges," said Albrecht Kissel, BIVI president and chief executive officer. "We are grateful for the support we received from the state of Iowa, the city of Ames and city of Ft. Dodge for these activities."

In Ft. Dodge, BIVI is planning to expand capacity and modernize operations. These plans include: enhancements to its freeze drying capacity with the addition of a new line and a separate high speed fill and freeze dry suite; improvements to the performance of aging systems, equipment and other plant assets to increase the facility's overall competitiveness, and the construction of a new Veterinary Research Center (VRC).

BIVI has also announced a strategic investment for its operations in Ames. Following BIVI's acquisition of NOBL Laboratories Ames operation in 1999, its research efforts in Ames grew with successful collaboration from Iowa State University. This expansion project includes a new build-to-suit 52,088 sq. ft. building facility on the Iowa State Research Park. The larger facility will allow the company to expand efforts in all five target species (swine, equine, cattle, companion animals and poultry), continue to research other diseases with an unmet therapeutic need for larger livestock and enhance privacy and security, the announcement said.

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