BioResource International launches of Xylamax

Xylanase enzyme is intrinsically thermo-stable, and comes with qualitative in-feed colorimetric test kit.

BioResource International Inc. (BRI) announced the launch of Xylamax, its latest high-performance enzyme created to help producers economically deliver more meat in a safe and sustainable way.

Xylamax is an intrinsically thermo-stable 1,4-beta-xylanase enzyme that delivers consistently high levels of energy release and improved digestibility in animal feed, BRI said.

"Xylamax is BRI's newest offering in a line of high performance enzymes for the animal agriculture industry," said BRI chief executive officer Giles Shih. "Consistent with our mission to develop innovative solutions to help producers feed the world, we designed Xylamax to be effective in the wide range of feed qualities and production conditions that exist around the world."

Xylamax breaks down non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in grain cell walls, activating the release of valuable nutrients for digestion by the animal's natural enzymes, BRI explained. Xylamax also reduces the viscosity of intestinal contents by more than 50%, which accelerates nutrient digestion. These combined actions optimize energy availability to the animal, resulting in improved growth and gut health, according to the announcement.

To assist producers with in-field use of Xylamax, BRI has also developed XylaQuick, a qualitative in-feed colorimetric kit that allows easy, fast on-site testing of the Xylamax enzyme activity within feed. XylaQuick is available exclusively with the purchase of Xylamax.

BRI's products are available through global and regional animal feed distributors. For specifics please contact BRI at
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