BIOMIN establishes U.K. business unit

BIOMIN establishes U.K. business unit

BIOMIN announced that it is setting up a U.K. business unit, which will be headed up by Neil Spreckley as chief operating officer.

BIOMIN said the structure of the U.K. feed market calls for the company to have its own team in the U.K. delivering scientific expertise and solutions tailored to the needs of the local market and customers.

Aside from increasing the company's U.K. market presence, Austria-based BIOMIN said its goal is to be one of the leading feed additive companies in the U.K. within the next five years.

The move to establish a business unit in the country was motivated by the need to be closer to U.K. customers, which would allow for a more direct transfer of technical knowledge and value-added services, BIOMIN said. A dedicated technical sales team will also facilitate the development of a full product portfolio of company brands that target the needs of the U.K. feed and livestock market.

BIOMIN, part of the ERBER Group, is a multinational company that supplies customers in more than 100 countries with a product range that includes mycotoxin inactivators, phytogenics, probiotics, acidifiers and preservatives.

Volume:85 Issue:44

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