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Beef checkoff disapproval rating at lowest in program history

Producer support of beef checkoff remains high


Three out of four producers support the beef checkoff, while the number who disapproves of the program, at just 11%, is the lowest in program history, according to a recent survey of 1,209 beef and dairy producers nationwide.

The random survey conducted by the independent firm Aspen Media & Market Research in late December 2014 and early January 2015 found an overwhelming majority of beef and dairy producers continue to say their beef checkoff has value for them in many ways. 

About 81% of the producers indicated that the beef checkoff has helped to contribute to a positive trend in beef demand while 72% of producers said the beef checkoff also assisted to the profitability of their operations.  In addition, 76% of the producers strongly believe the checkoff is there for them in an crisis and represent their interest.

Further, 66% of the producers said the checkoff program is managed well.

 “Despite a great deal of discussion about the future of the checkoff, along with being challenged by critics of the checkoff and groups who would like to see us go out of business,” said  producer communications working group (PCWG) Chair Jeanne Harland, “beef and dairy producers continue to value their checkoff for building demand, contributing to their profitability and for representing their interests. And, with all that has gone on in the past six months, I believe it’s significant that the fewest number of producers in the history of the program say they ‘disapprove.’

“The beef checkoff has, for nearly 29 years, served the beef industry with programs producers want, and that is why we see the checkoff ‘as representing our interests’ according to the survey,” said Harland.

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