BASF, Pancosma to enforce patent rights for metal-glycinates

Companies file lawsuits against potential patent infringers in district court in Germany.

BASF SE and Pancosma SA have taken action to enforce their intellectual property (IP) rights and protect their innovative metal-glycinates by filing lawsuits against potential patent infringers in the district court of Dusseldorf, Germany.

Metal-glycinates are organically bound trace elements, e.g., copper, iron, manganese and zinc. The glycinates offered by BASF and Pancosma are patent protected due to a unique technology.

Because of their increased bioavailability, the glycinates have an positive impact both on the animal in terms of improved vitality and performance as well as on the environment due to fewer minerals and trace elements being excreted, the companies said. From a technology perspective, these products are free-flowing granules with excellent mixing properties and dissolve easily in water. BASF and Pancosma are marketing these glycinates for animal nutrition.

Both companies strongly invest in research and development and said they respect the IP rights of third parties and welcome innovation from other companies that also contribute to meeting the needs of a growing worldwide population. Because securing IP rights is an integral part of their innovation strategy, BASF and Pancosma said they have decided to enforce their IP position against third parties that, in the companies' opinion, are in breach of the existing IP rights.

BASF Nutrition & Health provides a comprehensive product and service portfolio for the human and animal nutrition, pharmaceutical and flavor and fragrance industries. It operates sites in Europe, North America, South America and the Asian Pacific.

Founded in 1947, Pancosma & Associates is a global pioneer and leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of innovative feed additives. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and has a presence in 75 countries. Its portfolio comprises phytonutrient-based technologies, organic trace minerals, palatants, toxin binders and acidifiers.

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