Balchem, Verus Animal Nutrition expand alliance

Verus Animal Nutrition will support Balchem products throughout Canada.

Balchem Corp., a leading global supplier of choline and a leader in precision release nutrient technologies, announced an expanded alliance with Verus Animal Nutrition. Verus, previously responsible for supporting customers in western Canada, will now service customers throughout Canada.

"Balchem's strategy is to look for strong, local partners to provide a high level of service for their rapidly growing lines of precision release nutrients and chelated minerals," said Jonathan Griffin, global director of Balchem's ruminant business. "Verus Animal Nutrition's focus on products that provide true value to their customers fits well. This expanded alliance will give the feed industry across Canada better access to Balchem's research, technical support and advanced product technologies."

Verus Animal Nutrition president Andy Humphreys noted, "Since January 2011, the alliance between Verus Animal Nutrition and Balchem has brought innovation and new technologies in precision release nutrients to customers in the Western Canadian market."

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