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Balchem launches new protected methionine

Next-generation, rumen-protected methionine source utilized all-natural coating to gradually meter out payload into small intestine.

Balchem Corp. announced the launch of its next-generation, rumen-protected methionine, AminoShure-M Precision Release Methionine.

Utilizing an all-natural coating, the new AminoShure-M is engineered to meter its payload gradually into the small intestine to provide sustained levels of methionine for milk protein-producing cells, the announcement said.

"Cows synthesize milk protein around the clock," Balchem technical services manager Dr. Clay Zimmerman noted. "AminoShure-M continually meters methionine to the ribosomes, maximizing milk protein production and dairy farmer profitability."

As one of the first limiting amino acids, supplemental methionine is required by dairy cows to build and maintain virtually every tissue in the body, and most importantly, build milk protein.

To learn more about milk protein synthesis and the science behind AminoShure-M Precision Release Methionine, visit bit.ly/milkprotein.

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