Alltech, Kochi to research aquaculture nutrition

Alltech, Kochi to research aquaculture nutrition

Alltech and Kochi University in Japan have signed a five-year strategic research alliance to study yellowtail and amberjack nutrition.

This five-year agreement underscores the value of applied research alliances, especially among public/private partnerships, which drive development in the Japanese aquaculture sector and beyond, Alltech said. Kochi University has a cooperative agreement with the city of Konan, Japan, and plans to rent a large aquaculture facility owned by the city.

Alltech said it will jointly develop special nutritional diets to improve the meat quality and shelf life of amberjack and yellowtail marine water species. Supported by Shuichi Satoh of the Tokyo University of Marine Science & Technology, the Alltech/Kochi alliance will study the application of Aspergillus niger extracts to reduce fish meal inclusions in yellowtail and amberjack diets.

"The Japanese aquaculture industry is facing difficulties such as low fish market prices and high feed costs. ... By researching the animal diet, we hope to be able to help farmers and producers reduce their feed cost and produce healthier fish. We strongly believe that the research alliance program will help us reinforce our contribution to the industry and, furthermore, to the whole society," Haruhisa Fukada, associate professor at Kochi University, said.

In 2012, Alltech and the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries & Aquaculture Research entered a three-year strategic research alliance to deepen the understanding of microalgae in modern feed formulations and their role in the health, performance and flesh quality of fish.

Alltech Algae in Winchester, Ky., one of the largest algae production facilities in the world, is also exploring applications for algae in animal nutrition and aquaculture.

Volume:85 Issue:30

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