Alltech expands European headquarters

Alltech expands European headquarters

Alltech triples size of European headquarters in response to strong sales growth in region.

ALLTECH has opened its newly expanded European headquarters at the site of its facility in Dunboyne, Ireland.

The expansion comes in response to Alltech's growing presence in Europe, which has recently become the top region for Alltech's global sales.

The Dunboyne facility has tripled in size and capacity from 1,200 sq. m to 3,600 sq. m and now employs 102 people.

Alltech said it has also upgraded its existing research laboratories, allowing much of the animal health-related molecular research to take place at the site.

Some of the other departments based at the facility are European marketing, regulations, sales, finance and customer service and Alltech's quality control department. Sponsorship of the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France, will be based from the Dunboyne facility, as will the Alltech Career Development Program.

"Alltech opened its first international office in Ireland almost 30 years ago, and I am extremely proud today of what it has become: the focal point for Alltech's European activities and a shining example of what we are about," Alltech president and founder Dr. Pearse Lyons said. "We are experiencing tremendous growth globally, and none more so than in Europe. This 10 million euro investment represents a commitment from Alltech to this region and to Ireland for the future."


Asian lab

Across the globe, Alltech also announced that it recently opened its first Asian 37+ mycotoxin analytical laboratory in Beijing, China. As part of the Alltech Research Alliance program, the laboratory uses a unique UPLC/MS/MS analytical technique that enables the company to investigate animal feed for more than 30 different mycotoxins quantitatively and more than 50 others qualitatively in fewer than 15 minutes per sample.

"Animal producers in Asia are waking up now to realize that aflatoxins are not the only mycotoxins they need to be aware of but that there are multiple mycotoxins, including various fusarium toxins in their feedstuffs, which badly affect their animals' performance," said Dr. Mark Lyons, vice president, Alltech China. "Alltech understands these serious challenges, and we have joined forces with the Institute of Quality Standards & Technology in Agri Products in China to open a 37+ feed toxicology analytical lab in Beijing."

He added, "To have a dedicated center for this innovative technology now in China will have a significant impact on the traceability, profitability and efficiency of Asia's food production systems."

Volume:85 Issue:43

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