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'Ag Guide' ownership transferred to societies

New year brings transfer of ownership of "FASS Ag Guide," as per terms agreed upon when ASAS and PSA sold their shares of FASS to ADSA.

The American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) announced Jan. 4 the transfer of ownership of the "Guide for the Care & Use of Agricultural Animals in Research & Teaching, Third Edition, January 2010," formerly known as the "FASS Ag Guide."

Effective Jan. 1, full copyright of the "FASS Ag Guide" was transferred from the Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS) to the American Dairy Science Assn. (ADSA), ASAS and the Poultry Science Assn. (PSA). The transfer was in keeping with the terms agreed upon when ASAS and PSA sold their shares of FASS to ADSA in May 2015.

Since the first edition in 1988, the "FASS Ag Guide" has remained the reference document of choice for meeting the management requirements of agricultural animals used in research and education, ASAS said.

"All three societies acknowledge the importance of the 'Ag Guide' as a vital resource for the proper care of animals used in agricultural research and teaching," Dr. Debra Aaron, member of the ASAS board of directors and ASAS president, said during the sale of ASAS ownership shares in FASS to ADSA.

"Under this new partnership, ADSA, ASAS and PSA are committed to maintaining the 'Ag Guide' as the go-to reference for researchers and teachers in the animal sciences," Aaron said. "Together, we will keep the 'Ag Guide' updated to meet the requirements of animals responsibly used in research and education."

The guide is available online free of charge.

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