Adisseo lands AgGateway grand prize

Adisseo lands AgGateway grand prize

Precision Nutrition Evaluation platform receives AgGateway 2013 IT Innovation Award.

REAL-TIME nutrient content analyses of 25 common feed ingredients is now available for nutritionists, livestock producers and feed manufacturers.

The Precise Nutrition Evaluation (PNE) platform gives individuals a daily tool to evaluate the quality of raw materials and allows them to adjust purchasing decisions, which could increase their operation's profit margin.

"Adisseo France SAS developed and launched PNE in September 2012 to aid the livestock industry," Dr. Rob Shirley, Adisseo's poultry technical manager, told Feedstuffs. "A company's procurement department can buy, track and value their feedstuff purchases."

PNE is built on the foundation that sample analyses should be accurate, timely and cost effective. The PNE platform offers analytical services that are equal to wet chemistry — a currently used practice — but without the associated cost or loss of time waiting for useful data to be returned after samples are submitted.

"PNE combines stringent and validated wet chemistry procedures, in vivo nutritional tests, near-infrared spectroscopy and an internet-accessible database for the prediction of metabolizable energy, total and phytate phosphorus and total and digestible amino acids within a variety of common feed ingredients. These are the three most important and expensive classes of nutrients within an animal's diet," Shirley explained.

"Today, PNE's calibrations are encrypted in the cloud, analyses are returned within two to three minutes and data are always available to the customer in case they want to track the nutritional content of ingredients," Shirley added.

Providing an innovative technology that is practical for the feed industry is the reason the PNE platform was the recipient of the AgGateway 2013 Information Technology (IT) Innovation Award, sponsored by AgGateway and CSC.

"All of this year's entries were outstanding," Josh Wall of CSC noted in presenting the award. "Adisseo's application truly represents the goal of eBusiness in agriculture: They took the latest technologies in science and information systems and applied them to common practices in the feed industry. These improvements resulted in more efficient, timely and accurate analyses for immediate users and others within the supply chain, especially in improving the bottom line for producers and growers."

"Adisseo is a partner to the livestock industry and is committed to providing tools and solutions that result in safe, cost-effective and profitable production," Shirley said. "Adisseo is truly honored to have earned AgGateway's grand prize: the 2013 Information Technology Innovation Award."

Presented at the AgGateway annual conference, the IT Innovation Award — the grand prize of IT awards — was established to recognize the distinguished efforts in the promotion of electronic standards and protocols in agribusiness. This year marks the first time an innovation for the animal feed sector has received the award.

"We are very proud that Adisseo's feed industry technology was awarded the overall Innovative Technology Award from AgGateway and CSC," American Feed Industry Assn. president and chief executive officer Joel G. Newman said. "Adisseo's development of the Precise Nutrition Evaluation program will help the entire industry take a step forward. It is the use of technology like PNE and others being developed and implemented within industry that will help to address the rapidly expanding needs of tomorrow's growing consumer population."

Volume:85 Issue:49

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