AB Vista estimates global market for feed enzymes

AB Vista estimates global market for feed enzymes

ACCORDING to a recent analysis carried out by AB Vista, the global market for non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) and protease enzymes is considerably larger than previously recognized, at around $550 million, and even larger than the $450 million phytase market.

Overall market penetration of NSP enzymes has increased markedly over the last few years and is now estimated to be around 57% of global monogastric feed, the announcement said.

"There has clearly been a lot of growth in NSP enzyme use in the last five years, particularly in the typically (corn/soybean meal) diets of the Americas," AB Vista managing director Richard Cooper said. "Increasing numbers of swine and poultry producers are now taking advantage of the performance and financial gains available from NSP enzymes."

The AB Vista NSP analysis used data from the 500 largest global users of feed enzymes across 33 countries to reveal key trends within the NSP enzyme market.

Compared to the phytase sector, the NSP market has a far greater number of suppliers and products — more than 30 brands — and is also more reliant on relatively mature products, AB Vista said. Eight of the top 10 products have been sold for more than 15 years.

"The concern is that large numbers are missing out on the improved gains available from the latest generation NSP enzyme products," Cooper added. "It is a situation perpetuated by many who are apparently still making buying decisions based on cost per ton rather than financial returns."

Xylanase continues to be the most important NSP enzyme and is generally regarded as having the most supporting evidence, AB Vista noted. Xylanase-based products account for nine of the top 10 NSP enzyme products, with five of those being single xylanase products.

AB Vista is an international supplier of feed ingredients and technical services. With headquarters in the U.K., the company employs more than 100 people globally and has support offices in Europe, India, North America, Latin America and Asia.

AB Vista is the feed ingredient division of AB Agri, which is the agricultural arm of Associated British Foods Ltd. AB Vista's micro-ingredients for feed include xylanase and phytase product lines.

Volume:86 Issue:14

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