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Soybean Progress and Condition Charts

Day to day price movement is largely impacted by trader perceptions of crop progress and conditions, which they translate into production expectations. The best information available for traders to base their perceptions and expectations is contained in USDA's weekly crop progress and condition reports.

We'll help you track the same information that traders use with key crop progress and condition ratings, comparing the current year with the previous and a five-year average for added perspective. Our charts will be updated weekly through the growing season as appropriate.  

Charts showing crop conditions are based on our own condition index that weights USDA's Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor and Very Poor ratings. This provides a more accurate look at the crop as a whole then simply looking at the percent good to excellent, as many analysts in the industry do. An index of 500 reflects a crop in excellent condition, 400 is good, 300 is fair, 200 is poor and 100 is very poor.

Last updated September 25, 2013

Last updated September 25, 2013