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Taking Stock of Commodity Markets

Market Analyst Arlan Suderman, Farm Futures, explores a range of factors that can impact your operation for 2010.

With the world economy where it is, how does a farmer retool his risk management program to protect profits? In his presentation "State of Commodities in a Post Bailout World" Arlan Suderman explored that question.

Suderman, market analyst, Farm Futures, spoke as part of the Ames leg of the three-city Profit Robbers Road Show. This special event, designed to give farmers a last-minute look at key issues they'll face in 2010, was held in Bismarck, was sponsored by Syngenta Crop Protection, the event and by Farm Progress.

During his presentation, Suderman explored currency issues, policy and farm bill talk that could impact your bottom line. He also took at look at weather patterns and trends that could impact growers for 2010.

You can listen to Suderman's presentation HERE

Download his PowerPoint presentation HERE to follow along.

Managing Wheat Diseases

Managing wheat diseases aggressively pays off.

Wheat production involves a range of disease and integrated pest management issues - especially in 2010 following the year many farmers faced in 2009. Denise Markle, crop protection specialist, Agro-Tech Research Farm, offered her perspective on those issues.

In her talk, Markle explored seed diseases and treatment, foliar wheat diseases, late-season diseases and wheat insect issues. She also went in-depth on a rising pest for the region - wheat stem maggot - offering the latest information and research on this pest.

You can listen to Markle's presentation HERE

Download her PowerPoint presentation HERE to follow along.

Weed Control Update for 2010

Weed Scientist Kirk Howatt looks at all the options farmers have for weed control in wheat for 2010.

Just what are a wheat-grower's options for stopping weeds in the 2010 crop? And what other issues will growers face for this season? That's the question Kirk Howatt, weed specialist, North Dakota State University, worked to answer during his Profit Robbers Road Show presentation.

Howatt notes that glyphosate resistance is rising in the region, offering farmers new challenges in the control of common ragweed, waterhemp and giant ragweed. He offered insight to control alternatives to help avoid resistance, or keep resistant weeds under control.

You can listen to Howatt's presentation HERE

Download his PowerPoint presentation HERE to follow along.

Wrap-Up Offers Added Insight

Speakers gather for Q&A session along with special presentations on new technologies.

What does Plant Performance mean for your operation? How can weed resistance strategies enhance your bottom line? During the Wrap Up for the Ames event, all the speakers - Suderman, Markle and Howatt - were on hand. Experts from Syngenta Crop Protection also gave an update to growers on the latest technology for 2010.

You can listen to the Wrap-up HERE

Download these PowerPoint presentation from the Wrap Up Cereals Value Story.

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