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Group photo: The 2013 Master Farmers are (from left) Neil Fearn of Albion; Jim Sheaffer of Dixon; Doug Scheider of Freeport; and Ron Bork of Piper City. Photo by Holly Spangler.



Ron and Celia: Ron and Celia Bork farm 2,800 acres of corn and soybeans. Photo by Josh Flint.


Ron Bork



Neil and Debbie: Neil and Debbie Fearn farm 2,700 acres yellow and white corn, soybeans and wheat. Photo by Holly Spangler.


Neil Fearn

Jim and LouAnn: Jim and LouAnn Sheaffer raise corn and soybeans on 2,600 acres. Photo by Holly Spangler

Jim Sheaffer

Doug and Trish: Doug and Trish Scheider milk 650 cows at their Scheidairy Farms.  Photo by Josh Flint.

Doug Scheider