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Pelleted algal biomass may improve poultry health indicators

Study also confirms algal biomass production methods and health benefits.

Zivo Bioscience Inc., a biotechnology/agricultural technology research and development company engaged in the commercialization of nutritional products derived from its proprietary algal strains, announced Dec. 19 that preliminary data analysis from its most recent poultry nutritional efficacy study showed positive results that confirm the successes of previous poultry efficacy studies conducted in partnership with NutriQuest.

The 5,000-bird study, supervised by Zivo Bioscience and conducted at a Maryland-based contract research organization, confirms that pelleted feed containing the company's algal biomass consumed in sufficient quantity results in birds exhibiting improved health indicators, the announcement said.

The study further confirms that production and manufacturing methods developed by Zivo and its research partners provide for a heat-stable, easily processed feed ingredient that can withstand the pelleting process used in modern poultry feed manufacturing while maintaining a nutritional profile that supports animal health, Zivo said. The preliminary results were reviewed by an independent academic researcher and NutriQuest animal nutrition experts.

NutriQuest and Zivo are working together to conduct several econometric studies to set pricing and finalize feeding recommendations for the feed ingredient, while Zivo moves forward unilaterally with the poultry "generally recognized as safe" affirmation process, after which commercial sales can commence, the company said.

Simultaneously, Zivo principals are actively recruiting and onboarding contract algal growers to meet anticipated demand for its dried algal biomass, granting production agreements to established growers that can meet the company's quality and safety standards and integrating these growers into the U.S. agricultural import and food safety programs, according to the announcement.

With a large U.S. swine customer base and growth in the poultry, ruminant and international sectors, the NutriQuest portfolio of solutions includes research-based feed additives, protein technologies, nutritional monitoring services, water quality products and humane euthanasia technology, among others that improve performance and cost position to the producer.

Zivo Bioscience is a Michigan-based biotech company engaged in the investigation of the health and nutritional benefits of bioactive compounds derived from its proprietary algal cultures and the development of natural bioactive compounds for use as dietary supplements and food ingredients as well as biologically derived and synthetic candidates for medicinal and pharmaceutical applications in humans and animals, specifically focused on the general benefits of autoimmune and inflammatory response modulation.

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