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New diagnostic tool app for swine available

333 333 diagnostic app.jpg
Tool helps diagnose pig diseases and is available on website and mobile devices.

333 has developed the E-diagnostics application after an exclusive sponsorship from MSD Global. The objective of this tool is to offer a support guide for diagnosing swine diseases, with therapeutic and/or prophylactic measures. Its use is purely for consultation and should only be used as an indicative guide, thus promoting the training of professionals in the industry for better surveillance of swine health.

Once you have downloaded the app, to login all you need to do is enter your 333 user account and password. If you are not yet a 333 user, you can go to www.pig333.com to create an account. Both downloading the app and registering on the website are completely free. Once this simple step is completed, you will have access to a list of all the diseases that affect pigs, with an accurate and detailed description of each of them.

To use the E-diagnostics app, select the age of the pigs and the main symptoms observed. As the symptoms are marked, the tool displays a list of the diseases that could cause them. By clicking on the name of each disease, a detailed description of the disease appears with images of the most common lesions (Atlas of pathology).

In addition, E-diagnostics has a report section, which lets you create a detailed report after a visit to a farm and, in turn, geolocate, save, and manage farms.

The tool can be used directly on the website www.pig333.com or the application can be download on a smartphone. The app is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese for iOs and Android.

333 received an award for the E-diagnostics app in the first edition of the Ruralapps Awards in 2014, granted by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Environment of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in the Ruralapps-Sector Professional Category.



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