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Marine-based product may counter ruminal acidosis

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pixinoo/iStock/Thinkstock Holstein dairy cows eating at feed bunk
Fossilized red alga found to contain marine trace elements that may help regulate ruminal pH.

Acidosis, the most common nutritional disease in ruminants, is harmful to the health of the animal and to the economic performance of the herd.

France-based Nuwen reported that it has developed a marine-based antacid for cattle made from lithothamnion, a fossilized red alga.

The product (CalseaPowder) contains two marine antacids, which effectively neutralize the acidity of the rumen and keep the pH at an optimal level, Nuwen said.

Lithothamnion is composed of more than 30 minerals and marine trace elements, including 33% marine calcium and magnesium with high bioavailability. The natural combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium regulates the pH of the rumen over the short and long term, Nuwen said, adding that the calcium carbonate is present in two different forms: aragonite, which acts quickly, and calcite, which has an effect over time.

According to Nuwen, lithothamnion has a unique microporous structure, which increases its surface contact and ensures improved bioavailability of minerals, thus having a greater effect on ruminal pH. The microporous structure also favors the development of ruminal microflora, enabling better ration digestibility and increased productivity, the company added.

The buffering capacity of a food is its ability to maintain a constant pH despite variations in concentrations. Nuwen said trials carried out by an independent laboratory in France have shown that the lithothamnion product had a 46% higher buffering capacity than sodium bicarbonate, the standard buffering substance: 17,269 mEq/kg versus 11,828 mEq/kg.

Nuwen is a subsidiary of Roullier Group, an international specialist working for manufacturers. The company imports and produces raw mineral materials and functional ingredients in the field of animal nutrition.

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