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Canadian Bio-Systems launches new Feed Science Platforms

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Platforms include five areas of feed technology innovation.

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) has launched the main phase rollout of its new Feed Science Platforms (FSPs), offering a comprehensive portfolio of advanced bio-based feed technology solutions to benefit swine, poultry, aquaculture and ruminant production.

The FSPs include five areas of feed technology innovation: functional fatty acids, multi-carbohydrase technology, grain management technology, phytogenics and probiotics and enhanced yeast technology, the company said. The platforms are backed by technical support to help livestock operations determine “What’s your FSP fingerprint?” to identify the best customized package for each operation.

Optimizing livestock production

“The focus of CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms is to lock in the best results for every farm,” CBS Inc. sales and marketing director Mark Peters said. “Today more than ever, science is the difference maker. The FSP fingerprint approach is a research-based, technically sound, simple-to-follow process that each customer can apply to make sure they are utilizing the absolute best package to maximize their opportunity for success. It’s a one-stop solution that fits today’s needs and is tailored to the unique requirements of every operation.”

FSPs leverage more than 30 years of CBS Inc. research and development in partnership with leading research programs, including new advances based on the latest knowledge and technology from the CBS Inc. pipeline, according to the company.

Synergy drives success

“The future of feed enhancement has broadened from a focus on products to a broader, more dynamic and synergistic emphasis on platforms — each representing areas of science that are continuously evolving and improving,” CBS Inc. technical director Rob Patterson said. “As an integrated, innovation-focused company that researches, develops and manufactures feed technology across each of the FSP areas and has built a research and development base advancing this vision for more than three decades, we are well positioned to deliver this approach.”

The key to success for the FSP approach is having an underlying ecosystem of advanced science that powers the multiple platforms and related products, continually identifying and refining new opportunities for synergy and innovation, CBS Inc. operations director Krisjan Jones said, adding, “Today, we have achieved a very high-functioning FSP ecosystem that is driving continual improvement, constantly progressing based on new research knowledge and the support and feedback of our partners and customers around the world.”

According to CBS Inc., each FSP area offers unique approaches to feed enhancement. Multi-carbohydrase technology is a leading-edge area of enzyme technology pioneered by CBS Inc. that involves utilizing multiple enzymes with multiple activities to achieve a high level of targeted feed breakdown and nutrition capture.

Enhanced yeast technology features natural growth promoter activity supporting healthy animals and optimized productivity, the company said. Functional fatty acids are gaining rising attention today, in particular for their potential to replace conventional options and support systems moving toward reduced use of antimicrobials.

Grain management technology focuses on safeguarding feed quality to provide a valuable quality assurance tool and insurance policy for both feed and animals. Phytogenics and probiotics represent innovative plant-based extract technology that helps support a positive and nurturing environment critical to get the most efficiency and benefits from feed and nutrition approaches, CBS Inc. explained.

“The launch of FSP is a major milestone in the history of Canadian Bio-Systems,” CBS Inc. president Owen Jones said. “Most important, it represents new advances and opportunities for the farmers and industry customers we serve, both domestically and internationally. We are pleased, along with our expanding networks of valued partners and supporters, to bring the complete new FSP portfolio to the marketplace.”

More information on FSP is featured in a new website at fsp.canadianbio.com and the main CBS Inc. website at www.canadianbio.com.

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