Researchers found that grazing corn residues could actually improve certain soil properties and is preferable to baling.
Global drylands are dominated by rangeland systems that occupy 40 percent of the Earth’s land area and support 50 percent of the global livestock and approximately 2 billion humans.
Putting out quality hay for beef cattle can eliminate the need for protein and energy supplementation. Producing quality hay takes a little planning with a focus on correctly timing fertilizer applications and cuttings.
The greater sage grouse thrives in the sagebrush landscape of the West.
Cow grazing on short grass
Wildfire can leave posts damaged and in need of replacement, but the barbed wire could still be usable, according to a study.
A Kansas State University study has found that the marbling texture of steak makes no difference to consumers in appearance and taste. Marbling is the amount of white, visible flecks of fat within the meat.
Multi-paddock grazing has been shown to be an effective conservation practice on grazing lands for enhancing water conservation and protecting water quality.