Image of antlerless elk (Cervus canadensis) at a winter feedground in Wyoming.
Cows share pastures with parasitic roundworms that affect calf growth, costing the North American cattle industry $2 billion in lost production.
Postdoctoral research associate Chithra Sreenivasan
An outbreak of southern buffalo gnats in late March and early April caused the deaths of nearly 100 domesticated animals and at least 280 deer in Arkansas County, Ark.
black Angus cattle
cattle robot in Schuyler cattle pens
Early results from the 2018 Alltech Harvest Analysis indicate high levels of mycotoxins in corn silage across the U.S.
Geneticist Joseph Busch, an associate director of NAU’s Pathogen & Microbiome Institute, is one of the world’s leading experts on the genetic makeup of cattle fever ticks.
How do I accurately credit nitrogen from manure?
cattle grazing