Dairy cattle graze in field.
Cattle in Nebraska feedlot
Sheep grazing under solar array
cattle at feed bunk
Researchers identify 35 genes associated with reproduction, milk composition, growth, meat and carcass, health or body conformation traits in Gir cattle (specimens from herds with selected traits for beef and milk production).
Coolers can be easily modified for syringes and are important in maintaining vaccine efficiency when chute-side working cattle.
Iowa State University meat science program researchers Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan and Steven Lonergan, professors in the Iowa State animal science department, at work in the laboratory.
Image of antlerless elk (Cervus canadensis) at a winter feedground in Wyoming.
Cows share pastures with parasitic roundworms that affect calf growth, costing the North American cattle industry $2 billion in lost production.