Camlin Fine Sciences' animal nutrition production facility under way

Company will further enhance focus on creating customized and comprehensive hygiene, nutrition, and health solutions.

March 21, 2022

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Camlin Fine Sciences' animal nutrition production facility under way

Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated manufacturers of ingredients most widely used in food and feed. In keeping with the company's global expansion strategy for the animal nutrition business, CFS continues construction of yet another state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tarapur, India to produce solutions for animal feed. Currently, CFS' operations range from India to South-East Asia to the Americas, Europe, and Middle East. The facility is an addition to serve the company’s rapidly growing customer base and is expected to begin commercial operations during the first quarter of FY2022-23.

CFS develops and markets an extensive line of products in animal nutrition, including antioxidants, organic acids, toxins binders, mold inhibitors, energizers, growth promoters, pellet binders, sanitizers, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, omega-3, to name a few. To maintain the health and safety of farms, the advanced portfolio now offers effective alternatives to antibiotic usage. Through the cutting-edge facility, the company will further enhance its focus on creating customized and comprehensive hygiene, nutrition, and health solutions for poultry, aqua, swine, ruminants, and pet industries. No matter the type of livestock raised, CFS is dedicated to giving producers and farmers an informed decision on feed purchases to master feed conversion ratio (FCR) and return on investment for profitable farming.

“A balance of nutrition and economics remains a great challenge for efficient livestock management,” said Dr. Chandrakant Ghotekar, associate vice president of Animal Nutrition for CFS. “It is therefore essential to effectively control feed-borne infections with solutions proven in today's market and farming conditions."

The upcoming facility will be capable of serving Asia, Middle East, North Africa and East European markets across species, aimed at improving FCR and Average Daily Gain (ADG) based on local farm conditions.

“To improve overall farm performance, our goal is to offer solutions that promote nutrition, health and hygiene. We have designed our portfolio to just do that,” added Dr. Ghotekar.

Furthermore, CFS’ ultramodern Customer Service & Applications Laboratory in India will enhance its facility for animal nutrition testing, technical support, and application trials. The laboratory will be well-equipped to deliver holistic services for livestock and petfood customers. The lab in India collaborates with CFS’ laboratories in the U.S., Mexico, Italy, and Brazil to conduct application trials and technical support using its global experience pool. It also supports the products with robust, authentic data sold to customers globally across Asia, Europe, and the American continents.

The company’s latest addition, BioSus is a range of products developed using proprietor fermentation technology. The company is now able to offer the animal nutrition industry omega-3 for egg enrichment, which is a clean, sustainable, algal omega fatty acid. CFS promotes ESG initiatives and aims to provide better feed and food by integrating natural and fermentation technologies.

With a vision to create healthy farms by 2030, Mr. Nirmal Momaya, managing director of CFS, added: "We will be launching zero-disease farms initiative through our comprehensive range of products, sanitization services and holistic health care approaches with antibiotic-alternatives like tributyrin, organic acid combinations and other solutions. Along with our customers, we would strive to create a thriving farm environment."

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