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WEBINAR: The Science Behind Mycotoxin Mitigation

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Free webinar on the science behind the development, fieldwork and research of products that minimize the impact of mycotoxins on pigs’ performance.

Webinar details: Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 2 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Central

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In this webinar, titled "The Science Behind Mycotoxin Mitigation," the three speakers will explore the science behind the development, fieldwork, and research of products that minimize the impact of mycotoxins on pigs’ performance. The science that goes into these products is greatly underestimated.

Hear firsthand from a microbiologist, a mycotoxin research scientist and manager of commercial research farms as they cover discovery, field and lab work, and how research is conducted on the farm.

In addition, you’ll get new insights on what the best mitigation product should look like, what toxins are being seen in the field this season and how products that reduce the negative impact from mycotoxins are studied on farms just like yours.

Webinar speakers include:

Mike King, Ph.D.
Microbial Discovery Group

Dr. Mike King specializes in the study of animal gut microbial ecosystems and large-scale fermentation optimization and manufacturing. In 2006, King co-founded Microbial Discovery Group, a microbial research and fermentation company in Wisconsin. Passionate about applying scientific principles to developing new products that solve problems, King’s team creates methods that increase fermentation yield and create positive outcomes in the field.

Adrienne Woodward, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Mycotoxin Research Scientist
United Animal Health

After completing her master’s degree at Michigan State University, Dr. Adrienne Woodward attended the University of Alberta as a post-doctoral fellow, studying swine nutrition and teaching companion animal nutrition. Since beginning at United Animal Health in 2014, Woodward’s main focuses are nursery nutrition and improvements to mycotoxin mitigation products. She is inspired by working alongside great colleagues to improve livestock feed through sound science, which benefits producers, customers and the livestock industry.

Greg Krahn, Ph.D.
Manager of Commercial Research Farms & Production Scientist
United Animal Health

After obtaining his Bachelors from Western Illinois University, Dr. Greg Krahn received both his Masters and Ph.D. from Iowa State University.  As an undergraduate student, Krahn interned with The Maschhoffs as a Research & Innovation Intern while also working at the University’s swine farm. While in graduate school, Krahn was responsible for managing the Al Christian Swine Teaching Farm and was a Lecturer in for Department of Animal Science. Krahn joined the United Animal Health in January of 2019 and enjoys working closely with the research and farm teams on a variety of research projects.

Sow Talk is brought to you by National Hog Farmer and United Animal Health. To register for the webinar event and to have access to the webinar archive after Nov. 13, click here.

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