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Vytelle licenses use of reverse-sort offering from Sexing Technologies

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Partnership allows beef and dairy producers access to gender-specific IVF embryos.

Vytelle announced Jan. 16 a partnership with global livestock reproductive services innovator Sexing Technologies (ST) for the use of ST’s proprietary reverse semen sorting technology.

According to the announcement, this partnership will allow beef and dairy producers to access gender-specific embryos produced through in vitro fertilization (IVF) from Vytelle and its licensees.

Under the agreement, Vytelle will use the technology to sex sort bovine semen prior to the fertilization of eggs in the IVF embryo development process. This additional offering allows customers greater flexibility in next-generation herd development, Vytelle said.

“This is a great opportunity for Vytelle, our licensees and our customers to have access to the latest advancements in reproductive technology,” Vytelle chief operating officer Bruno Sanches said. “This new partnership further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to advancing genetics, life and business for commercial beef and dairy producers.”

The reverse-sort technology is available immediately from Vytelle’s licensee Hoofstock Genetics in Ranger, Texas.

Vytelle, based in Hermiston, Ore., provides reproductive technology to commercial producers through reproductive specialists and veterinarian licensees. Vytelle is committed to advancing genetics, life and business for commercial beef and dairy producers across the U.S.

Navasota, Texas-based Sexing Technologies is a global leader in livestock reproductive services, including sex-sorted semen and embryo production.

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