USDEC champions U.S. dairy’s nutrition, environmental contributions in Rome

nevodka/iStock/Thinkstock Dairy products including milk, cheese, butter and yogurt displayed on white wood
CEO Krysta Harden makes case that U.S. dairy exports are vital to achieving global food and nutrition security.

U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) CEO Krysta Harden recently traveled to Rome where she engaged global agricultural leaders to champion U.S. dairy’s critical role in nutrition security, sustainable food systems, trade, and climate-smart agriculture.

Over three days, the delegation met with U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) Agencies in Rome, Ambassador Cindy McCain; Ambassadors and representatives from Argentina, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the Netherlands, and other countries; senior officials from the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO); and other partner organizations, researchers and decision makers. Harden made the case that U.S. dairy exports deliver the world responsibly produced, nutrient-dense foods that are vital to achieving global food and nutrition security and building more sustainable food systems.

USDEC encouraged the Rome-based UN agencies and missions to ensure that all multilateral organizations and negotiations advance evidence-based, trade-facilitative approaches that recognize U.S. dairy’s unique nutritional contributions and ambitious sustainability commitments, while promoting scientific and technical innovations. Harden also urged decision makers to address food shortages caused by the crisis in Ukraine and the subsequent fallout on global food systems, which could increase the number of people facing acute hunger worldwide by 47 million this year.

USDEC President and CEO Krysta Harden welcomed the senior engagement and commented:

“With the world facing the simultaneous crises of a protracted COVID pandemic, increasing food system disruptions due to climate change, and the war in Ukraine, now is the time to embrace U.S. dairy as a global nutritional and environmental solution.

We thank Ambassador Cindy McCain and other senior Rome-based decision makers for their leadership and for engaging to discuss the role of U.S. dairy exports in supplying the world with nutrient-dense, climate-smart dairy products that can advance our shared goals of more sustainable food systems and food and nutrition security around the world.”

During the visit May 22-26, USDEC also convened an event welcoming diplomatic leaders from G-7 countries plus China. Attendees discussed dairy’s critical role in empowering women, child nutrition, farmer livelihoods and sustainable food systems and how U.S. dairy exports can help nourish vulnerable populations.


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