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U.S. endorses Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam

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Declaration uses U.N. 2030 agenda as sustainability framework for actions.

The U.S. has endorsed the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam, a joint effort between International Dairy Federation (IDF) and the U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) that sets out the dairy sector's commitment to sustainability and feeding the world with safe, nutritious foods. The declaration recognizes the U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as the sustainability framework for future actions.

The U.S. National Committee of the International Dairy Federation (US-IDF), together with IDF, endorsed the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam with an official signing at its annual membership meeting last week.

Signing the declaration were chair Cary Frye, senior vice president of regulatory affairs for the International Dairy Foods Assn.; vice chair Shawna Morris, vice president of trade policy for the National Milk Producers Federation on behalf of US-IDF, and Aurélie Dubois, technical manager of IDF.

“US-IDF is proud to join with others around the world endorsing the Dairy Declaration that builds upon the U.S. dairy industry’s commitment to sustainability, resulting in strong environmental, social and economic contributions of dairy,” Frye said.

Morris added, “Today, America’s dairy farmers are producing a gallon of milk that uses 65% less water, requires 90% less land and has a 63% smaller carbon footprint than it did 70 years ago. The U.S. dairy industry looks forward to continuing to partner with other signers of the Dairy Declaration in building upon dairy’s positive track record of providing consumers with the nutritious, responsibly produced products they want while continuing to further its commitment to providing a sustainable dairy food system in this country.”

Dubois said the declaration embodies the importance of dairy in feeding the world with safe and sustainable products and is a strong symbol of the collaboration between the dairy sector and FAO in helping to achieve some of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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