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Tyson Foods launches ‘functional’ snack bites

Company launches product line under new brand focused on positive health and wellness.

Tyson Foods Inc. has launched a new line of functional refrigerated protein snacks under its new brand, Pact, that was created to help people harness the natural benefits of food. 

Developed by the company’s team of nutrition and culinary experts, Pact Snack Bites are expected to tap into a growing functional food market that's projected to reach $100 billion in the U.S. by 2025. Functional foods have the potential to offer positive effects on health and wellness and can help people fill gaps in nutrition.

According to Tyson, Pact Snack Bites are packed with nutrition; made with real fruits and nuts, they have 10-plus wholesome ingredients per serving and contain ingredients like kombucha, matcha and turmeric. At a time when interest in seeing fewer ingredients on a food label has gained attention, Pact has more – but it means that there is more purposeful nutrition in each bite, Tyson noted. 

Pact products are a good source of protein and include live probiotic cultures, prebiotic fiber and collagen protein, the company said, adding that research continues to confirm the importance of gut health in overall health and well-being, and the fiber, prebiotics and probiotics in Pact Snack Bites can be important contributors.

“Consumers are looking for delicious, convenient foods to deliver essential protein and other functional benefits,” said Noelle O’Mara, group president of prepared foods for Tyson Foods. “As one of the largest food companies in the world and a leader in protein, we are in a strong position to capture that demand as we continue to innovate with exciting new products like Pact.” 

Sixty-five percent of people are seeking foods with functional benefits while the number of snacking occasions continues to increase as the lines between breakfast, lunch and dinner blur.  

“We are innovating at the intersection of these trends,” said O’Mara, “giving consumers more convenient, nutritious snack options.”

A snack crafted to be “full of good”

Pact Snack Bites are available in four varieties that use an array of ingredient combinations to deliver both flavor and function:

  • Gut Instinct – Cranberry + Kombucha Probiotic Snack Bites – Made with green banana flour, cranberries and kombucha for a fruity and tart flavor. Benefits include 1 billion live cultures, 3 g of prebiotics, 9 g of protein and 4 g of fiber.
  • Gut Ahead – Turmeric + Ginger Prebiotic Snack Bites – Made with green banana flour, ginger and turmeric for a savory and spice-forward flavor. Benefits include 1 billion live cultures, 3 g of prebiotics, 8 g of protein and 4 g of fiber.
  • Vibe On – Mint Matcha + Blueberry Energizing Snack Bites – Made with wild blueberries, peppermint oil and matcha for an aromatic and slightly sweet flavor. Benefits include 1,000 mg of omega-3s, 55 mg of magnesium, 9 g of protein and 3 g of fiber.
  • Glow With It – Cocoa + Coconut Collagen Snack Bites – Made with coconut flakes, cocoa and collagen protein for a rich yet sweet flavor. Benefits include 750 mg of omega-3s, 950 mg of grapeseed oil, 10 g of protein and 3 g of fiber.

Pact products do not contain artificial flavors, and while they are refrigerated to maintain freshness and functionality, they can be enjoyed without refrigeration for up to a week. All four varieties offer a good source of protein.

Go-to-market approach

Pact Snack Bites will debut with a campaign on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform the Pact brand team is leveraging to test its product before broader rollout. The campaign invites Indiegogo’s early-adopter community and brand advocates to try the product and provide real-time feedback.

“Pact is part of our disruptive innovation model to create, iterate and bring products to market faster,” O’Mara said. “It’s also part of our multidimensional approach to innovation, which includes creating food that is fresh and less processed in flexible forms that fit seamlessly into consumers’ lives, and that is functional with important health and well-being benefits.”

Other recent product innovations from the company include Raised & Rooted plant-based nuggets and blended burgers and Aidells Blends meatballs and sausages made with ancient grains and other ingredients. Tyson said these join its other category game-changers like Hillshire Snacking premium small plates and Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich breadless breakfast sandwiches and protein Breakfast Bowls.

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